3 Benefits of Buying in a Master-Planned Community

Master-planned developments take the planned community model and turn it up a notch. Here, you’ll find a conveniently-located home that’s beautiful, well-constructed. Master-planned communities are close to all the amenities you need to keep your life running – grocery stores, gyms, coffee shops, restaurants and more.

Along with convenient proximity to shopping and amenities, there are many advantages of buying Austin real estate that’s located in a master-planned development.

Stable Pricing

Membership in a Home Owner Association (HOA) comes with the territory when you purchase in a master-planned development, and you reap the benefits. Every HOA has its own strict guidelines regarding property upkeep and appearance. While some homeowners find HOA rules to be somewhat nitpicky, the guidelines equate an environment that keeps your property value stable for years to come, protecting your investment.

Plenty of Space

The majority of master-planned developments span hundreds of acres. Many are located in or around an exclusive facility, such as a golf course or lake. Brookfield Residential builds in a number of communities that offer beautiful amenities including Belterra, Caliterra, Bryson, Rough Hollow, Cottages at Crystal Falls and Santa Rita Ranch.

The interior of your home is also likely to be roomy and spacious when you buy in a master-planned development. You can choose from several floor plans in order to find the perfect layout. Do you want a two-car garage? A large kitchen that opens up to a back patio? Do you envision a master suite that’s separate from other bedrooms? Your home dreams can become reality in a master-planned community.

A Prime Location

Ideally, your new home should have the best of both worlds: The excitement and convenience of a big city as well as the stability and safety afforded by small town living. You’ll likely enjoy easy access to a large metropolis, whether via an interstate or city roads. And when you come home, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. From hiking trails to golf courses and community centers outfitted with a pool, you can exercise and unwind while staying close to home in a master-planned development.



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