Best Day Trips in Central Texas

Austin and the surrounding areas are near some of the best destinations in the Southwest region. Austin residents and tourists regularly visit the historical sites and natural wonders scattered across Central Texas. Since there is never a shortage of neat places to visit in the Greater Austin area, locals often cannot decide where they would like to spend their days off from work. We have curated some of the best places in Central Texas for day trips to save you from this hassle.

Canyon of the Eagles Lodge and National Park

Nature-lovers rejoice when they witness the spectacular sites of Canyon of the Eagles National Park. This location rests on the edge of Lake Buchanan, and it boasts scenes of colorful fields and sparkling blue waters. Fresh-water fishing is one of the most popular activities at this destination. A healthy population of small-mouth bass hides in the vegetated areas of Lake Buchanan, so anglers can test their luck and abilities. Boating and paddle-sports are allowed on the waters of Lake Buchanan.

Canyon of the Eagles National Park has roughly 14 miles of well-maintained hiking trails, so backpackers and day-hikers can witness the area's impressive scenery on foot. Visitors also enjoy biking and vehicle tours. If you are willing to stay at the park after nightfall, you can see the band of the Milky Way Galaxy and constellations when the sky is clear.

During the winter months, visit Canyon of the Eagles Lodge to learn how the location earned its name. Bald eagles reside in the tall trees near the shore of Lake Buchanan.

Fountainwood Observatory

Stargazers and amateur astronomers from the Austin area often visit the Fountainwood Observatory in Georgetown, Texas. This destination has a powerful telescope that will allow you to see distant space objects, including galaxies and stars. Learn about the Cosmos while you are amazed by incredible sights.


If you are looking for a quaint town that breaks the trends associated with the Southwest, you should visit Fredericksburg. As its name suggests, Fredericksburg is a historical location that was heavily influenced by the culture of German immigrants. When you explore this Texas-German town, you will witness well-preserved 19th-century architecture and several museums. You can also learn about the legendary Pacific Campaign of World War II by exploring the Admiral Nimitz Museum. Food options include German delis and cafes.

Enchanted Rock

Travel to Enchanted Rock to see a geological wonder. This destination is succinctly described by its name, but many visitors fail to comprehend the wonders of this place until they arrive at the park. Enchanted Rock is a massive stone formation that covers approximately 640 acres. It was an important landmark for the Native Americans who lived in the region, so it is featured in several indigenous stories. The lands near Enchanted Rock are suitable for camping and hiking.

 Old Tunnel Wildlife Management Area

If you are hoping to find a truly unique experience with nature in Central Texas, the Old Tunnel Wildlife Management Area will not disappointment you. Central Texas is riddled with several old railway tunnels, and one of them is preserved in this management area. During the summer months, thousands of bats reside in the tunnel. You can see all of the bats emerge as an enormous black cloud when leave to feast on insects. This is an unforgettable experience.



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