How to Decorate Your Home for Fall

One of the first things that new residents do after closing on a home is decorate to fit their personalities as well as the current season. Here are some useful decorating tips for those who are moving into their new homes in the fall!

The Importance of the Entrance

The first thing that visitors and even those walking by will see is your front door, so it's essential that it is decorated in the same style as the rest of the place. Some of the things that you can do include hanging a wreath made of dried foliage or harvest berries and placing anything that has an autumn color on it.

If you have a porch, decorate it with pumpkins. Or, you can put one by your door if you don't have a porch.

Decorating the Inside

Switch out pillows and blankets to thicker ones that are colored for the season. There's nothing quite like curling up underneath a warm blanket with throw pillows as the fireplace crackles nearby.

Decorate that fireplace with fall-like art work. One of the easiest ways to do this is by focusing on the mantel, using dried leaves and pine cones to create that inviting sense of autumn.

Note that oranges can present a fall-like décor simply because of their color, so make sure to have a full bowl of oranges sitting out as well. Also consider filling other bowls with seasonal produce such as apples, pears and squash.

If you have children, place their fall-inspired pieces of art on center stage. Of course they can simply go on the refrigerator, but also consider framing them on the wall or placing near the fireplace.

It's important to keep in mind the importance of scents. A common one that will really create the autumn-like aroma is pumpkin spice. Of course, burning wood in the fireplace and having some cider bubbling in the kitchen would really add to the mood when you want the moment to be especially poignant. Scented candles that smell like wood or musk will provide those types of smells for a while too. Candles, scented or not, can also provide a more inviting, fall-like feel to a room.

Other Options

Simply focusing on one spot to create an autumn experience can often make more sense than decorating the whole inside. It's not quite as much work and still adds the fall-like feel that you're trying to create.

Happy fall decorating!





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