How to Do a Fall Makeover of Your Home

Fall is here! If you are in the market for Austin real estate, you are sure to find that homes on the market right now are decked out for fall. Giving your own home a fall makeover is easier than you think. Here are some tips for doing so quickly and easily:

  • Hang a Fall Wreath on the Front Door – Whether you buy one or put one together yourself, a gorgeous wreath can instantly add fall flair to any home. Look for or create a wreath that boasts brightly colored fall foliage, fall elements like corn stalks and pretty touches like matching ribbons.
  • Add Fall Accents Around the House – Invest in some accessories with fall colors and themes to instantly transform your home for the new season. A handful of throw blankets, pillows and area rugs can make a huge difference—and there’s no need to break the bank.
  • Create the Aroma of Fall Indoors – Buy fall-themed candles, wax cubes and essential oils to fill your home with the scent of fall and the holidays. From pumpkin spice to warm vanilla sugar, there is no end to the possibilities in terms of scents. Candles are especially nice because they add an element of warmth too.
  • Swap Out Welcome Mats and Entry Rugs – Greet visitors with a burst of fall flair by swapping out your usual welcome mat and entry rugs for fall-themed styles. You can even opt for a novelty welcome mat with inspirational sayings or other prints on it to jazz things up even more.
  • Deck Out Your Yard with Fall Décor – Lending your yard a burst of fall elegance is as easy as buying a few pumpkins and gourds and arranging them nicely by the front door. Things like haybales and corn stalks can also be incorporated if you’d like. If you have kids, you may also want to add some Halloween-themed touches for their benefit.
  • Make or Buy Handcrafted Signs – At this time of year, it’s easy to find those charming, handcrafted pieces of wall art that have fall-themed sayings emblazoned on them. Adding a few signs that say things like “Give Thanks” and “Fall is Here” can do a lot to fill the home with the spirit of the season.
  • Have the Right Snacks and Drinks Handy – Another great way to makeover your home for the fall is by having bowls of fall- and holiday-themed snacks out and available for guests. From caramel apples to hot apple cider, there are tons of delectable options to explore. The best part is that many of these snacks, like banana nut bread, fill the home with delicious aromas too.
  • Crank Up the Fireplace – If your home has a fireplace—natural or gas—get it ready for regular use now. Nothing is better at this time of year than curling up next to a roaring fire as the trees float down from the branches and the days get shorter and cooler.

With a little bit of work and creativity, you can make over your home for fall in no time flat. That effort will pay off nicely when you have a warm, cozy, nicely decorated home to enjoy throughout the fall and beyond.




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