New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

When Americans make New Year’s Resolutions, they usually aspire to improve their eating, exercise more or save money. If you haven’t used your gym membership or given up that pre-office donut in the past few years, consider focusing this year’s resolutions on your home. As you clean, organize or redecorate, you might find that you free up enough time in your routine to finally make a regular morning walk a priority.

Save Energy

If your resolution is to save money, you can do so by conserving energy. Hire a professional to conduct an energy audit to determine where you’re leaking cash.

Some of the most common ways to lower your power bills include:

• Sealing and insulating your ducts

• Lowering the temperature of your water heater

• Cooking outside using the grill instead of the oven in the summer

• Replacing your air filters regularly

• Caulking cracks in your window frames

• Inspecting and replacing weather stripping as necessary


Clearing your home of excess items can bring peace and clarity to your mind. Shedding things that you don’t need and keeping the stuff that you love helps you become more mindful. It also helps you stay organized and cuts down on the time that you spend picking up around the house.

If you have trouble keeping clutter at bay, consider making a master list of projects that you can tackle in five or ten minutes. This may involve:

• Going through the mail pile

• Clearing shelves

• Getting rid of toiletries in the shower

• Throwing out beauty products from the bathroom

• Tossing kitchen utensils that you don’t use

Break each task down into baby steps. Whenever you’re waiting for the kids to put on their shoes or water to boil, you can take care of one item and cross it off of the list.

Fall in Love With Your Decor

If you haven’t redecorated in years, consider revamping your favorite space in the house. Challenge yourself to choose a theme that you adore and stick with it. Collect a few photos from Pinterest or your favorite lifestyle website, and use them as inspiration to find the perfect accessories to replace your old throw pillows, coasters and artwork. Giving a small area a facelift can make your home’s entire atmosphere feel fresh.

Get Some Greenery

Bring nature indoors and add organic elements to your décor with plants. Peace lilies, Boston ferns and spider plants purify the air. Succulents release oxygen at night, helping you breathe while you sleep.

Keeping your plants alive might spark compassion in you. Being around botanicals can also help you stave off loneliness, combat depression, enhance your health and improve your mood.

Take this resolution one step further by working in the yard. Plant vegetables, flowers and vines in pots on a porch or deck for an easy-to-maintain but satisfying garden.

Buy Property

If you don’t own a home, this could be your year to invest. Let Brookfield Residential help you find Central Texas homes for sale so that you can create your dream space.



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