Options for a Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds can help you to transform your lawn into a beautiful and picturesque space. When you add these beds, they can add to your home's appeal by adding visual interest to your lawn. There are numerous options for raised garden beds from which you can choose.

Potager Raised Garden Beds

Potager raised garden beds originated in France and allow you to combine vegetables with flowers to serve both utilitarian and aesthetic purposes. These beds use simple wooden frames with pathways that go between them so that you can walk throughout your garden. Potager means kitchen garden, and these raised bed gardens are meant to allow you to grow food that you will then use in your kitchen. These garden beds are located near your home so that you can see what is growing. People who install potager raised garden beds often mix in perennials with their herbs and vegetables. The flowers help to attract beneficial insects to help your vegetables grow. You can also enjoy your ability to cut fresh flowers so that you can beautify your table by bringing nature indoors.

Rustic English Garden with Wicker Raised Beds
If you love the rustic look, choosing raised garden beds that are made out of wicker can lend a provincial feel. The woven wicker of the raised beds can add to your garden's romantic feel. By combining the rambunctious growth of the plants that you are growing in your raised beds with other touches such as water fountains, you can have a feeling that you are stepping into all of the beauty that nature has to offer when you step outside into your garden. In your raised wicker beds, you can plant flowers, vegetables or herbs as you desire. For the best look, try combining the raised wicker beds with their beautiful growth with structural elements such as gazebos, pavestone pavers and delicate garden furniture. 

Raised Stone Garden Beds for Lasting Beauty
Choosing stacked stone to build your raised garden beds offers you several advantages. The stones will not deteriorate over time because of their contact with the moisture in the soil. They also absorb heat, which can allow you to plant your vegetables and flowers earlier and to harvest later in the year because they transfer some of the absorbed heat into the soil. Well-designed stone raised garden beds can also add to the beauty of your garden and your lawn. You can pair your raised stone garden beds with touches such as stone water fountains, natural stone pathways and other beautiful features to make your garden both beautiful and whimsical. 

Adding beautiful and well-designed raised garden beds to your lawn can help complement the look of your home and add to its curb appeal. These functional garden bed ideas are also aesthetically pleasing when you combine them with other features such as walkways, seating areas and more. When you add raised garden beds to your lawn in a well-thought-out manner, you might also enjoy an increase in the value of your home. Raised garden beds also allow you to have a relaxing atmosphere when you step outside, offering you hours of leisure just outside of your door.



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