Suburb vs City: What to Consider When Starting a Family

If you are getting ready to start your family and perusing through listings of Central Texas homes for sale, you might be wondering whether you should choose to buy a home in the suburbs or the city. Both options appeal to different families for various reasons. Here are a few things you should weigh and consider when you are deciding between buying a home in the suburbs or in Austin proper.


When you are weighing whether to buy a home in the city or in the suburbs, one of the first things you should do is to define your life priorities. You should think about whether the quality of the local public schools are important or if you are instead in a financial position to pay for private school education for your children. You will also want to consider where you feel your family will best be able to grow and thrive as well as the amenities that are available in the suburbs as compared to the city. 


One trade-off to living in the city is that you will likely not enjoy much space. City living is normally marked by quarters that are more cramped. The homes may have small lots and be built closely together. You might also live in a condominium or in a high-rise building. In the suburbs, you can enjoy larger lawns and homes, allowing you to enjoy the added space. At the same time, living in the city will give you easier access to the hustle and bustle of downtown. In the suburbs, your children will have more room to play, and you may have more room to entertain your friends and family.

When you opt for a larger home in the suburbs, you may find the cost of living is lower, allowing you to stretch your money further than you might be able to when you live in the city. 


The choice between living in the city or living in the suburbs depends on your personal preference and what you envision for your family. Both options make sense for different people. Some may feel happier in the midst of all of the action the city has to offer, while others prefer a more laid back way of life. Whatever you choose, it is important that you take the time to weigh the benefits of living in the suburbs and of living in the city so you can pick the option that is best for you.

Whether you're leaning towards city or suburb life, Brookfield Residential builds homes in Austin and surrounding suburbs including Bee Cave, Cedar Park, Dripping Springs, Georgetown, Lakeway, Leander, Liberty Hill and San Marcos. See a full map of the communities we build in, and call one of our knowledgeable New Home Specialists with any questions.  



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