Tailgate Party Tips and Tricks

Football season is now well under way, and tailgate parties are taking place every weekend! Why not join in on the fun and hold one yourself? Take a glimpse at our tailgate party tips and tricks and become a tailgating pro.

Before Arriving

Pack the night before. This is especially encouraged if you're going to a Longhorns game as people tend to get their grills smoking as early as 7 a.m.

Ensure that beverages have been refrigerated overnight so that the cooler has less work to do on the day of the game. This is especially important here in Texas where it is still quite warm in the fall months. One trick that many utilize is bringing frozen water bottles. They serve two purposes: ice for the cooler and, once they melt, water to drink. Also make sure that you bring bottle openers to the party.

Make sure that all of the ingredients that you need to create tasty food have been brought. You do not want to be in the midst of cooking something and then discover that you're missing an important ingredient. Also ensure that all of the condiments, such as ketchup and mustard, are brought as well.

Don’t forget trash bags! Extra trash bags can also be used as ponchos if one of the heavy storms that Austin is known for passes through.

Sunscreen! That Texas sun can get hot (even in the fall and winter months), so don’t forget to protect your skin.

Label coolers so that tailgate goers don't unnecessarily and repeatedly open the wrong ones.

Make sure that you have enough room in your car for your tailgate supplies as well as everybody who you're looking to transport in the vehicle. Remember to bring your jumper cables.

What about games? Food and drink are not the only important things for a tailgate party. Take along some footballs to toss, horseshoes to throw, cards to play and anything else that people would like to play.

Did you remember your tickets?

At the Party

When cooking burgers at your tailgate grill, do not press down on the patties. As cool as it may look to see the juices be pressed out and sometimes even ignite flames, pressing them removes many of the flavorful juices that make a burger a real treat.

Also, just flip the burgers once, as flipping them multiple times tends to toughen the meat. The same can be said for any steak that you cook. Flipping that a minimum number of times keeps the juices inside.

Finally, here's a pro tip: Don't undervalue how fun post-game tailgating can be as you relax while others are stressing as they attempt to get home as quickly as possible.




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