Tips for a Great Texas Road Trip

It's the perfect time to plan a Texas road trip. The state is bigger than some countries and there are unique destinations all across the Lone Star State. Enjoy beautiful scenery, epic wildlife and new cities (and small towns) along the way. Here are some tips and tricks for planning your big trip across Texas. 

Discover top-notch barbecue

It isn't a road trip without some delicious Texas barbecue. Enjoy different styles of barbecue in different areas of the state. East Texas is known for slow cooking their meat over hickory wood for so long that it literally falls off the bone. It also boasts tomato-based sweet sauce. Central Texas barbecue features meat that is rubbed with spices, salt and pepper and then cooked over indirect heat from mesquite or several different types of wood. South Texas barbecue is noted for the thick, sweet sauces that help to keep the meat very moist. In West Texas, you can enjoy the mesquite flavoring in the meat that comes from cooking it over direct heat from the wood. The perfect Texas road trip should consist of all flavors and styles so you can pick your favorite kind! 

Take the road less traveled

Toll roads and interstates may be quick and easy, but the best way to experience Texas is to take the backroads. For example, you might want to take 290 West through the Texas Hill Country so that you can see the beautiful bluffs and meadows. Turning off on Route 71 can allow you to experience the beauty of the Hamilton Pool Preserve while you take a quick swim. Simply put, the backroads boast more wildflowers, wildlife and and wide open spaces. Not to mention, it's always fun to stop in the little towns and hidden gems along the way. The smaller roads in Texas allow you to experience much more of what this beautiful state has to offer.

Map out your stops

Texas is BIG and there's a lot of open space in between towns. In fact, there are many areas in Texas where you might travel 40 miles or more between gas stations. It's important to plan your route carefully and identify exactly where you should fill up your tank. Quick tip: If you know that you have a long distance ahead of you, go ahead and fill up instead of thinking that you probably have enough to make it.



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