Why So Many People Are Moving to Texas

If it seems like people are moving to Texas in droves, it’s because they are. A report released by the U.S. Census Bureau in May 2018 reveals that many people across the country are choosing to relocate to Texas from other states. According to the report, Texas had seven cities that were among the top 15 fastest-growing large cities in the nation in 2017. San Antonio topped the list and added an average of 66 newcomers every day. There are several reasons why many people from across the U.S. are choosing to move to the great state of Texas.

To enjoy greater economic freedom

A major reason that many people are choosing to relocate to Texas is their ability to enjoy greater economic freedom in the state as compared to their states of origination. Canada's Fraser Institute ranks the 50 states according to their economic freedom, and Texas is ranked at number two for its financial freedom. Texans enjoy much lower tax burdens, more affordable housing and more job opportunities than people in many other states. By comparison, New York and California rank in the bottom two spots for economic freedom, which might explain why so many New Yorkers and Californians have chosen to move to Texas in the past decade.

To be surrounded by natural beauty

From the Padre Island to the dramatic monolith of pink granite at Enchanted Rock, living in Texas means that you have the ability to explore the varied beauty and wonders that the state has to offer. As the largest state in the lower 48, you can find everything from wide-open prairies to canyons and mountain vistas to explore and enjoy. Many people choose to move to Texas so that they can enjoy day trips outside of their cities to partake in the surrounding nature and all that it has to offer.

To take advantage of the educational opportunities

With more than 200 universities and colleges, Texas offers educational opportunities that draw thousands of people to the state every year. When the students attend and graduate from college in Texas, many choose to remain because they have fallen in love with the state. Texas is also a great place to raise your family so that your children can enjoy the world-class institutions when it is time for them to pursue their higher education goals.

To bask in the warmth

If you love warmth, you'll find plenty of it in Texas— the Lone Star state is famous for its warm weather and the warmth of its people. The weather is hot during the summer, mild during the remaining nine, and Texans tend to be very hospitable, polite and kind.

With everything that the great state of Texas has to offer, it is no wonder that so many people relocate to the state. To learn more about finding the best Central Texas homes for sale, contact Brookfield Residential today.




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